The HABASIT group, founded in 1946, is the worldwide leading manufacturer of synthetic high duty flat, conveyor belts and machine tapes for highest quality demands. The field of application for these products virtually covers all industries, where it is necessary to optimize power transmission, both technically and economically, or to solve internal transport problems perfectly. Some main user branches are food processors, packaging companies, paper mills, wood workers, textile industry and printing shops. Particular attention is drawn to the various application possibilities of the FDA/USDA-approved Habasit high duty food conveyor belts used in bakeries, confectioneries, chocolate factories, cold stores, meat and poultry processing, canneries, dairies, etc., Many transport and processing problems in bottling plants and other packaging industries, such as paper converters, can be solved perfectly by special designed HABASIT high duty machine tapes and folder-gluer belts.

Depending on belt type or operating conditions splicing may be effected by our reliable " thermofix" , "flexproof" or "quickmelt" - splicing systems by means of a great number of HABASIT splicing devices available to the customers.

The brand Habasit stands for highest quality and, consequently, for best performance and durability of our products.



Various Habasit

conveyor elements and their areas of application


Habasit high efficiency and Armid flat belts are used for power transmission in all areas of industry

Habasit standard conveyor belts are suitable for all normal operating conditions.

Habasit food conveyor and processing belts are used in the food industry, certain types also for unpackaged foodstuffs.

Polycord round belts are highly versatile and can be used for different purposes, partly as a substitute for V-belts or also as conveyor elements.

Habasit spindle tapes are suitable for special drive configurations in spinning and twisting machines in the textile industry.

Habasit high efficiency and Armid tangential belts are used in the textile industry for tangential drives on spinning, twisting, and texturizing machines.

Habasit high duty conveyor and processing belts are specifically designed for difficult operating conditions.

Habasit Extraline processing belts perform very specific tasks in the manufacturing process on the most diverse production installation.

Habasit machine tapes and folder-gluer belts fullfill conveying and processing functions, above all in the paper-converting and graphic arts industries.

Habasit standardand food conveyor belts in special execution. Habasit standard and food conveyor belts can also be used on curved belt installations, In perforated execution they perform transport duties under vacuum, in wet conditions, on drying lines, etc.


Habasit offers a range of various profiles to be welded on, They are used for inclined transport, as skirting or on the running side as belt guides.




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